Meet Your Instructors


Alessia Cucciardi
Alessia meets the discipline by chance in 2008 and it’s love at first sight. She feels like her relationship with her body can change. She increases her self-confidence and feels the urge to transmit this new energy to those around her. Therefore, she decides to take up the training course with some of the biggest 2nd-Generation Instructors, traveling around the world, when necessary, to reach them. And last but not least, during her journey of personal growth she meets Simona Cipriani, who enriches her on a human level as well. Alessia has been directing her studio Il Metodo Pilates Ferrara together with her husband Luca and now her daughter Maria Carlotta for more than 10 years.


Luca Capecchi
Once Luca ended his professional career as a football player, he undertook the training course to support his wife, with whom he pursues the aim to spread the art and science of Contrology. Having experienced the benefits of the method on himself, he teaches athletes how to optimize their physical and mental energies to improve their performances.

Maria Capecchi